Produced by Tessa Perliss

Made by Aaron Pott

Aaron Pott entered our lives in 2007, when he came up to my family's land in Calistoga and told us that our empty pasture would be prime territory for a vineyard. Under his guidance, our Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, The Ravens, was planted in 2008. As a kid, spending weekends here from San Francisco, these 2.6 acres were an unplanted parcel on a hillside, a former cattle ranch. My dad and I would read stories in a crumbling tree house above the open field. His dream to make wine from the land he had purchased in 1989, came to fruition and a forever bond was established with Aaron - he has nurtured and embraced this place, so near and dear to our family, and creating a beautiful wine from this sacred land.

Walking through the vineyard with Aaron, you're always bound to take in some of his many pearls of wisdom, amassed throughout his many long list of impressive and worldly experiences.  It was in doing these vineyard strolls, along with my dad and brother, that I fell in love with being among the vines. Aaron’s tips and tricks would keep me busy in the vineyard all growing season. I knew I wanted to get more involved with our land and our 7,810 plants. Clearly, a rosé needed to be made from this land I grew up on, Aaron obliged, and the rest is history.

The Zinfandel venture was decided in a bottling truck one year, where Aaron mentioned the possibility of getting some "120-year-old vineyard planted in sand," and it felt cosmically right. Zinfandel being so deeply rooted in California farming history and having grown up on the juice of legendary producers like Turley and Ridge, I felt it was something I couldn’t pass up. Zinfandel can be made in a very heavy handed, cloying way but this is because the fruit has been picked too late and also because the grape is naturally high in sugar and thus, alcohol. Aaron Pott is a master of the pick and balance, creating harmony between the acidity and fruit-forward nature found in Zin. I wanted to revive this varietal to create a fresh take on the grape but also to harken back to Old California and Old-World style winemaking - your everyday drinker crowd pleaser, goes with most everything wine.

* * *


SATURN RETURN refers to Saturn making its complete orbit around the Sun, which takes an average of 29.5 years, and marks a time of change and enlightenment, experienced in your 27-30 age range and lasts about 3 years. This pivotal time hit me hard and out of it came WINGSPAN’s conception. This is a time of great change and many moving parts which can break you down but ultimately make you stronger, build you up, allowing you to evolve into your greatest self. Saturn is also the planet that represents harvest.

MOONS OF NEPTUNE I wanted to pay tribute to the fact that the Zinfandel is planted in what used to be ancient seabed, so I thought of incorporating Neptune, the water God of Greek mythology. Neptune, the planet, has 14 moons. Symbolically, Neptune evokes inspiration, dreams, a deeper intuition. The trident, held by Neptune and found on the bottle label as well as on the corks, faces upwards, representing spiritual receptivity and openness.

The land nurtures the fruit and + the wine captures the essence of its place